Well hello there! Welcome to 2014!

There’s something so refreshing and bright about stepping into a new year. Passing into the first few days of January feels like getting a full body scrub, facial AND mani-pedi – maybe because the end of the previous year can feel so gruelling and abrasive or maybe because I’m currently in Bali on holiday getting the workz done to my body and soul! What ever the case, suddenly things look a little up because we can safely close the book on the old and embrace the new.

I must be honest and say that I’ve not been terribly productive with these early year feel-good vibes for the last few years. It could have been a lack of head space or fear of putting too much pressure on my  overloaded self. Or it could be that I’m as stubborn as an old goat – refusing to jump on the NY resolutions out of spite toward humanity in general and my husband in particular, who’s one of those go-getter types that’s always trying to rattle our cages — hsssssss!

But I’m feeling it this year, there’s something fresh in the air. Something in the pink and turquoise sunsets of summer, something in my very dark chocolatey tan, in the sparkling blue hours of aimless soaking in my hotel pool. (Did I mention I’m on holiday in Bali? Coz I am.) Something that makes me think that this year I could do some really special things and perhaps be a better person in the process.

I’ve had a few years of “flux”. Changing careers, juggling jobs, bending myself in all kinds of shapes for all sorts of reasons. I know that many can relate to that because I’ve seen the look in your eyes that reflects what I’ve been feeling. Tired, and wondering what the heck happened here? No, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think we needed to work it out our own way.

I mean no-one gave us a map and compass, so how else do we figure out where we need to be without walking or running wildly in all sorts of directions to try to locate ourselves and that obscure thing we like to call d-e-s-t-i-n-y. Some people know every step they need to take, the rest of us are just placing one foot in front of the other and hoping to God that there’s no dog poop on the path. We often feel disappointed because maybe we’ve had false starts or detours, but I like to think of it as taking the scenic route. Going fishing in the storms, lovingly making head wreaths out of poison ivy, checking out Bogota on the way to Belgium. (I know, too many metaphors, but hey I’m on holidays – I’ve got all day here.)  The point I’m trying to make is, stop whinging about mistakes made and be grateful that you’ve collected interesting (and hopefully funny) stories along the way.

So for me, after several years of flux, scenic routes and figuring things out, I’ve decided this year will be about refining and simplifying. {Le sigh} Doesn’t it do your heart good justing repeating the words. Refine. Simplify. In this fast moving, information saturated, synthetic smelling world I can tell you I’ve been practically salivating over the thought of simplified living. And for the first time in a long time I can see a way forward.

I hope that you join me on the journey this year and share some of your journey too. I’ll be doing more posts on what I’ve learned about writing as well as sharing my ventures into a life a little more simple. I’ll also be writing about loads of other weird and wonderful things, as is my way – so look out for rants, book reviews, a foray into the world of design (oh la la, all will be revealed in time dear friends), excerpts of my fiction and you know, miscellaneous. Thanks for reading and sharing. 

Comment from Ali - 10/01/2014 at

Love it! Such a great reminder to stop and breathe. Excited to live simply in 2014!

Comment from Aziza - 12/01/2014 at

Thanks Ali! I am too.

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